“Even Messi Can’t…”: Cow Leaves Twitter Impressed With Football Skills

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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are broadly praised as the greatest footballers in the world. But the two deadly attackers may have met their match in a muddy area in Goa, where a cow caught a football and declined to give it away.

In a video that has been shared broadly on social media, a cow is seen standing over a football in a field where a group of boys is playing. As one of the guys tries to go around the cow and get the ball from behind it, the cow spins around and protects it. He then keenly noticed the players on the field, before dribbling towards the camera. He stops after a few rounds, before placing its foot on the ball with the grace and authorization of a footballer.

The boys keep trying to get the ball away from the cow, but the cow manages to keep a grip of the ball for a full minute and a half, which would put most foreign footballers to shame. One of the boys lastly manages to distract it successfully as another takes the ball away. But the cow does not give up even then, as it expertly follows the ball while the players pass it around among themselves.

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