How Steroids Destroyed Everything? – Maik Wiedenbach


The days are gone when a bodybuilder was the epitome of discipline, hard work, passion, and above all, a healthy lifestyle. These days it has turned out to be a farce of weird mindsets. There is no soul behind this bodybuilding process. Disciplined and dedicated training culture, which used to be the essence behind bodybuilding, has now been replaced by social media show-offs. In other words, the incredible training culture is replaced by a disastrous drug culture. And, greater promotion of steroids can indeed be claimed as the prominent factor behind this.

The true essence of bodybuilding getting compromised

Bodybuilding, in the true sense, is aimed at maintaining a healthy lifestyle; it’s not about the sick Instagram show-off mentality. A healthy lifestyle means good physical health, mental health, and social values, all being in sync. But, as evident in most of the cases, the intention behind bodybuilding is centered at s*x, or simply looking sexy. 

This mindset has many dimensions, like impressing others over social media, impressing girls, and the weirdest of all, remaining in the world of sick fetishes. It’s thus natural that such people never fit into the true ethics and values of bodybuilding or simply training culture. Ironically, to drive them more in the path of disasters, there are the steroids and the inhumanly greedy manufacturers of it.  

Unfortunate scenarios

The steroid addiction has become too harsh to imagine. Forget about getting educated about the bad effects; people primarily enquire about how much steroids would be the best. Whereas, someone truly passionate about bodybuilding or understanding its true worth would ask about how much training is needed. No one is even interested in asking about how one should go for training. This happens because they know that steroids can do the job for you.

They also understand that the steroid is indirectly harming their body, but, who cares? Their intention of posting the photos over Instagram is being done; that’s enough. It’s moreover like a celebrity influence; they follow the celebrity, take steroid steroids as of them, and also become heroes over social media. At the same time, they also are running the body and the entire life, like celebrities. 

Negative effect

Days are gone when a bodybuilder was warmly welcoming the constructive criticism. There was a healthy competitive mindset. However, things have greatly transformed now, though in a negative way. In the pursuit of overshadowing others and being fake machos, they take steroids. It doesn’t take even six months of time for the same groups of people to get out of shape. Not just that, they get into a bad shape; rather, recovering from the evening, the original shape looks impossible for them.  

In an era where humans are so proud of their brains, witnessing such stupidity is really unfortunate. Ultimately, it is suggested that if you are up for bodybuilding, first understand the real essence behind this. For some nominal instant pleasure, ruining the precious body and life is going to be extremely repenting.


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