How to Organically Increase Your Site Traffic?


The best way to increase site traffic is to rank high on the results page of a search engine. The first top 3 results usually get the most visitors. For the algorithm to put you on the top spot of a search result your content has to be relevant to certain keywords. The keywords are commonly searched words by users. It’s not easy because there are hundreds of websites that may offer the same service or product as you. So in order to stand out your content has to be of top quality. What makes a quality content? It’s when it’s relevant, informative, interesting, entertaining, or relatable. This strategy is called optical marketing.

Identify and fix non-performing content

If you already have a couple of things on your website and you’re still non gaining traffic, then that content may not be working for you. There are two things that you can do: you can fix and elevate content that isn’t working but has potential or you can remove it to make space for better content.

Find new keyword opportunities

Even the strongest keyword strategy probably has gaps in it. That’s just natural: New, relevant keywords emerge all the time. That’s why it is important to always make sure that your content is up-to-date and relatable. Missed keyword opportunities allow your competitors to rise above you. Identifying opportunities and building them into keyword strategy iterations will help increase both search traffic and brand visibility. 

Blogging can help increase ranking keywords

Blog posts allow you to position your brand as an expert in your field. You can do this by posting highly informational content. The focus on blogging is being relevant. The users really have to benefit from the information that is in your content. Here are tips on how you can increase your traffic by blogging:

  • Make a list of keywords you want to target and then divide it into two categories: informational and transactional search intent.
  • Check out your competitor’s content for the keywords on your list.
  • Create a content calendar 

Use site architecture to get sitelinks

What are site links? These are links to subpages that appear on result pages. This will give those who are searching more chances to click on your page because they essentially have more opinions. Site architecture plays a major role in how crawlers access your site and how users who search engage with it. This is important because crawlers won’t know which pages or posts are most important to your site if you don’t fix your site architecture. 

Make sure your featured snippets are eye catching

A featured snippet is what you look like on the results page. To make your featured snippets interesting to users it needs to have the direct answer to what they are searching for. Meaning they don’t need to leave Google to find the information they need. Improving the structure of your featured snippet will help you increase your site traffic and you may also push the competitors down the rankings and gain more exposure.

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