Resources to Improve Your Dirt Bike Riding Skills

Dirt Bike Riding Skills

When you are passionate about bike riding and want to try dirt biking, you should improve your riding skills. It would be best if you watched the professionals while they were riding. Try to get used to the raw power and the technique. Here are some skills you need to focus on while dirt biking.

Right Body Position

It will help you improve your body position to ride the bike smoothly. It is the most complicated technique for nailing down the perfect body position for dirt biking. It is not an entirely standing or entirely sitting position. The body position will also include your feet on the foot pegs, your arms, your back posture, and your fingers. When your body position is correct, you will find the exact grip of your knees.

You will only be able to ride the bike at a short stretch. You will also not be covering different obstacles and will tackle the riding by sitting position. Therefore, follow the below-mentioned positions:

  • Try using your knees to grip the gas tank for better control.
  • It would help if you leaned towards the front so that the elbows are out and remain away from the body.
  • Look out for the best position in the foot peg for keeping your feet, as the entire comfort of your body may remain in your feet.

Right Use Of Brakes

When you feel that the rear wheels have started kicking, you should not grab the brakes at that time. You should then drag the brakes to prevent the suspension from bouncing. When you know the proper use of the brakes, you are a step ahead in improving your dirt biking skills. Un4seen Decals is one of the best for providing custom dirt bike graphics; you can check this out to improve the appearance of your bike for your new-found skills.

Proper Clutch Use

For downshifting, the clutch need not be used in dirt biking. In the turns, the riders prefer downshifting for slowing down, and a clutch will not be required. It would be best if you did not worry about saving the brake pads during the downshifting. You should use the brakes and avoid using the clutch in the turns while slowing down.

Proper Use Of Your Feet

You should lower your feet just as the landing gear as you turn around the corners. This may be the standard position when riders blow out their knees. But with practice and patience, it will become automatic after a while. Dropping your feet will help in maintaining the weight balance. When you are struggling with the corners, you should work on your feet position and try improving them.


When you want to learn a new skill, you should practise it until it improves. When you are practising, the position changes will automatically be done depending on the situation on the road.


When you are into dirt biking, you should know how to use a clutch and brake. Your body and the feet’ position need to be perfect while you are riding a bike. If you have watched all the videos of your favourite dirt bikers, you should try to follow their body positions. When you know where to improve your skills, you should practise them repeatedly to achieve those particular skills.







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