SEO friendly Website Builders – How to choose the right one

SEO friendly Website Builders

A website builder tool is a software or CMS (Content Management System) that helps in building a website; An SEO-friendly website builder is one that comes with integrated tools that help perform Search Engine Optimization or SEO on a website.

SEO ensures that the website is easily found and accessible through search engines online (like google, bing, and so on). It improves the chances of anyone to find the particular webpage easily when a keyword used in that website or web page is entered in a search engine.

Now a website could have spectacular content, but without a good amount of visitor traffic, it is of little use to the business.

A website built using an SEO friendly website builder will gain better visibility and more visitor traffic because SEO ensures that it will appear on top of search engine results, as opposed to one without proper Search Engine Optimization, which will appear somewhere on page 5 or 6 of search results.

The higher your page appears in the hierarchy of search results, the more clicks you get from users. That’s generally how this works, in most cases.

An SEO-friendly online website builder software helps in SEO optimization by enabling you to add things like the following – 


This is a title for a web page, that is also displayed on search engine results as the title.


This is a summary of the web page content, having the primary keywords; this enables search engines to detect the web page more easily.

Alt Text for images:

This is some text describing an image added on the web page; meant to be an alternative text for that image. It is displayed when the image is unable to be fetched; also used by search engines to find the image and display in results, With the help of these, search engines can easily detect your website among other websites having names or URL similar to it (these could be rival websites or fake websites or websites that aren’t yours but will gain more visibility because of the similar name if proper SEO is not done).

The SEO that is performed on web pages

Using SEO tools is called off-page SEO. But there is also something called on-page optimization. This includes making the search engine results relevant to the user’s search queries so that more people will click the result when it is shown in search.

Also, choosing keywords wisely is important, for the same reason. It is crucial to choose keywords that are relevant to the web page’s content and what you want the users to search for to get your website in the search results.

Once the visitor comes to your website, you will have only a few seconds to get a visitor interested. So you need to put some thinking into the kind of content you add to your web pages. This is known as off-page optimizing.

This includes adding the right kind of content including the keywords on your web pages, and optimizing individual web pages of your site, in order o rank higher in search results and as a result gain more visitor traffic. (Search engines generally do not rank whole websites, they rank each web page individually, so each web page needs to be optimized with at least one primary keyword, and maybe some additional keywords).

Some of the integrated SEO tools may work very well, while some may not. You can find a wide variety of website builders online, with integrated SEO tools. So it is necessary to do some research on these and choose the perfect SEO friendly website builder, suited to your requirements.


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