What are the Top 10 Free Keyword Research Tool?

Free Keyword Research Tools

Do you know how much a keyword worth to your website? If you want to see your website on the first page of the organic page rank results in the search engines, you must use the right keywords. Using correct keywords can make a great impact on the organic page results. So, an SEO expert should know how to utilize keyword research to get and maintain the attention of their audience. Good keyword research tools are essential for SEO professionals to optimize their websites and for better search engine ranks and exposure.

In the world of search engine marketing, the significance of keywords cannot be ignored. Each SEO professionals should know the relevance of the keyword to the contents of their website. So, the best way to find the right keywords that web visitors actively seek is by using the keyword research tools. With the help of such tools, you can identify and aim for profitable niche markets and find high-value keywords for the web content.

Here are some of the free Keyword Research Tool that helps in search engine optimization.


With the capacity to generate an infinite number of keywords using its autosuggest feature, there is no powerful keyword research tool in the world than Google. To rank your website, the content that you post needs to align with the search intent. When you search for a free keyword research tool for your website, never underestimate the power of Google.

Google Adwords

It has been one of the favorite keyword research tools for many SEO professionals for years for obvious reasons. There is no better tool other than Google Adwords to extract information directly from Google to optimize your website. Using the Adwords for keyword search is very simple. All you need to do is to enter the keyword into the search box, and Google will suggest the best keyword ideas for you.

Google Trends

This is another keyword research tool from Google helps you to find content ideas and show the latest trends in keywords. A user can utilize this free tool even without a Google account. What you need to do is to enter keywords when you are on this website. Google Trends is an effective tool to unveil search queries quickly and find suitable keywords for your website to improve its ranking.

This keyword tool is easy to use and can quickly find the most searched keywords from a particular region or country on Google for the last one year. You will get a deep understanding of the media coverage of the keyword and its popularity through this free platform for keyword research.

Google Search Console

Another free keyword research tool that cannot be overlooked is the Google Search Console. It is a free tool provided by the search engine giant, Google, to optimize the sites for search. This tool is effective for finding out the right keywords to improve your site’s rankings. It is one of the best SEO tools that SEO experts use to track keywords for the target audience and to improve the search engine rankings.

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Google Correlate

Use Google Correlate if you want to generate a long keyword list. It is another powerful tool from Google, and you can use it for keyword research free of cost. With this tool, you can understand which keywords get tracked together, and you can start to improve your keyword list based on that. Google Correlate is an ideal free tool to generate long-tail keywords for your website.

Keyword In

Take advantage of Keyword In, a free keyword research tool, to combine your keywords the best way. This easy-to-use tool begins with one or more long-tail keywords and then mashes everything to give you a long-list of useful keywords suitable for the target audience. SEO professionals prefer Keyword In because of its easy-to-use interface.

Wordtracker Scout

A good SEO specialist should analyze what their competitors do to improve their website rankings. They try to visit the competitor’s site to search for their keyword details. You can get an understanding of the main keyword used by your rival websites by using a free keyword research tool like Wordtracker Scout. This chrome extension is beneficial to access high-level keyword performance metrics.


Ubersuggest is another great free keyword research tool for SEO professionals as it helps to find out keywords that cannot be traced through Google Keyword Planner. This is a great tool to discover the competitor’s pages and the organic keywords they use to enhance their page rankings. With this free keyword tool, you can find many long-tail phrases that help to make high-quality content for your website.


Soovle is a fantastic keyword research tool with unique features. You can include trending keywords in your websites and blogs with the help of this tool free of cost. Professionals in the sphere of search engine optimization will get an idea about what is being searched by web visitors frequently in the renowned search boxes through this free tool. Type anything related to the keyword that you are searching for, and it displays numerous suggestions for your help.


WordNet is another free tool for keyword research, but it was not made originally for this purpose. SEO professionals can find a list of semantically-related words for the word that you have given for finding keywords through this platform. It is certainly an exceptional keyword research tool to find unique keywords for your website.

As an SEO expert in India, you need to spend sufficient time on keyword research to shape your content and make a great content strategy. With the help of free keyword research tools available, it is easy and convenient for you to track the best keywords for your niche. These tools help you not only to find the best keywords but also help to make a content calendar based on long-tail keywords related to it. Take advantage of the above free keyword research tools and produce high-quality relevant content for your readers to improve t

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