Why is WordPress Best for SEO?

wordpress best for SEO

It’s needless to say that WordPress is one of the most popular CMS that can be found on the internet today. Millions of people have used it to create their blogs as well as commercial websites. If we look at the reasons as to what makes this platform so brilliant, the first and foremost would be its SEO capabilities. Many people are using WordPress to run their online marketing campaign. So, when one has their websites built on this platform they become easily discoverable.

But this brings us to the question: How and why is WordPress so SEO-friendly?

There are numerous reasons that make SEO experts choose to use WordPress while creating SEO enabled pages for a website. Let’s look at them.

The Design of WordPress Favour SEO

It is known to all SEO professional that WordPress is best used for SEO strategies. The entire platform offers a humongous amount of customized features that allow consumers to create a full blast SEO website. The SEO techniques in WordPress can easily be executed since the level of customization can be done accordingly. It can definitely be called an SEO expert’s favorite tool for creating influential online marketing campaigns.

Along with Being Perfect for SEO, WordPress is Also Free!
The best things are still free on the internet and so is WordPress! The term “open source” on the internet refers to stuff being free and that it’s open to further development. WordPress is very much of an open source platform. So, with time the SEO capabilities of WordPress will only continue to develop and remain in tune along with the updates of the search engine algorithms as well. Hence, it’s the best tool for budding entrepreneurs and start-up businesses who want a strong online presence.

WordPress is Easy to Use
Although there are a few things to learn while using WordPress, it’s still a relatively easy platform to use for SEO. You don’t need extensive web design knowledge to create a basic blog or a website. The new users can easily understand its features and functions and manage a WordPress blog quite efficiently. However, for the ones who are gearing forward to a full SEO campaign, there are a few functions in WordPress that may be difficult for laymen to understand and would require a professional content manager. Till date, WordPress is the best SEO platforms anyone can use online that is very easy to use.

Google Loves WordPress!
What more do you want when the king of search engines Google favors WordPress? The coup de grace that Google is praised WordPress for its functionalities. Back in 2009, Google proclaimed that WordPress is the best blogging platform for SEO. This undoubtedly places WordPress in the lead as a foremost SEO tool on the World Wide Web. So, WordPress is liked by Google, hence anything coming out of WordPress is easily acceptable in all search engines.

Do you need any more reason to start using WordPress? SEO best practices are best performed here and you can attain discoverability in no time.


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