Six types of CCTV camera you should know

Six types of CCTV camera you should know

Security is the basic requirements weather comes to home or business. CCTV Surveillance Systems Plays an important part in today’s society. CCTV surveillance consists of a camera, lens, monitor, and recorder. The basic component of a CCTV system is the security cameras, CCTV cable, BNC connectors, security DVR, and tools.

Various types of CCTV camera are:-


  1. Dome camera –

Dome camera is available for internal and external security and surveillance. The camera has a unique design, which makes it difficult for the onlookers to know where the camera is facing exactly. It has many benefits like it is very easy to install, are vandal-resistant features, and IR night vision.

  1. Bullet camera –

The bullet camera has a long cylindrical shape and is used for outdoor use. It provides you with long-distance viewing and is installed with a protective casing. The camera has a shield to protect it from dust, dirt, and any other natural element. The camera can easily be installed with a mounting bracket, and come fitted with either fix doe varifocal lenses. It has many benefits like IR night vision, compact size, which helps in easy installation, and high-quality image resolution.

  1. C-mount camera –

The caners come with detachable lenses and can be fitted to a different application. This camera can cover distance beyond 40 ft and uses special lenses with the camera. It is better than other types of camera which can cover only up to 35 to 40ft. It has some benefits like it can support changes in technology, effective for indoor use, and is bulky in size, which acts as a deterrent.

  1. Day and night camera –

This day and night camera are very popular as it works both in normal and poorly light environment. This camera has inbuilt infrared illuminators and sensitive image chips, which helps to capture clear videos even during the dark. This camera has certain benefits like its record in both color black and white, is available in a wide variety of sizes, and has an infrared capability.

  1. PTZ camera –

The PTZ camera is the zoom camera, and the camera can move left to the right and up to down. It has a lens that can zoom closer or farther. This camera can work in different situations and act as a live guard or surveillance specialist security system. This camera has certain benefits like zoom IR night vision; it also has X36 optical zoom and a high-quality image resolution.

  1. Discreet CCTV –

It captured very good footage of theft and criminal damage and can be propped up or mounted. The installation process is easy and has certain benefits like it can be disguised in various objects and very effective for indoor use.

There are many more types of CCTV cameras available allover for the security of your home, office, and any other place. These CCTV cameras are wall-mounted and consist of camera, lens, monitor, and recorder that capture each and each activity at their range.


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