Some Prevailing iPhone 2019 Rumors, know the releasing date

iphone 2019 rumors

Apple might continue to offer iPhones in numerous sizes as well as at several prices points in 2019. The renowned company does so to provide a multitude of choices for its customers. Previously in the year 2018, Apple brought different models with a variety of sizes. So, people expect similar lineups this year, leading to iPhone 2019 rumors. Such rumors started even before the models iPhone XR and XS came into the market.

As per matter of fact, iPhone launched its model which goes by the name iPhone XS with a size of 5.8 inches in 2018. Similarly, the other models were iPhone XS Max of 6.5 inches in size, and also iPhone XR of 6.1 inches. Furthermore, rumors suggest that people can see OLED iPhones with 6.5 and 5.8-inch variants along with an LCD iPhone of 6.1 inches in length.

However, there is still no clarity about future iPhones, but many hear Apple iPhone 11 rumors this year. It implies that Apple might amaze everyone with lots of upgrades like the operating system of the next version, faster chips, advanced cameras, etc. Similarly, iPhone 11 might as well be expensive like iPhone XS.

Apple iPhone 2019 Rumors: In Detail

As per rumors, 2019 iPhones would come up with incredible features like wide-angle three rear cameras, telephoto lenses, processor upgrade, etc. All the stories say that the iPhones would be a lot more sophisticated this year.

So, you can check out exciting Apple iPhone 11 rumors to get better ideas about specs, prices, size, and features of upcoming models.

  • Rumor 1: September might welcome three brand new iPhones

Apple might introduce three models this September continuing its tradition. These three iPhones would include a supersize model like iPhone XS Max, a midrange phone similar to iPhone XS and a budget iPhone like iPhone XR.

Taking about the tradition of the brand Apple, it announces its new phones around mid-September. Evidentially, last year in 2018, the brand introduced its three new phones on 13th September. However, it released its first two phones, namely, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS on 21st September while the last one. iPhone XR on 26th October. So, people expect the brand to introduce the new phones around 10th September this year.

  • Rumor 2: A total of three rear cameras

Yes, it might turn out to be the highly anticipated change in the device’s camera setup. With this, the phone will have a super and wider angle lens along with telephoto lenses. Reports suggest that the porotype of the phones came up with a different configuration. Precisely, it will house cameras triangularly.

Furthermore, it also houses a flash, square, and a large module.

  • Rumor 3: The advent of iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Max, iPhone 11R

It, indeed, is among one the fascinating Apple iPhone 11 rumors. According to an anonymous user on Twitter, the brand, Apple, is to unveil the three models, namely, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Max, and iPhone 11R. For the record, the company traditionally reserved “Pro” designation. It is for the company’s top-end products.

  • Rumor 4: iPhone 11 to come with bilateral charging

There are strong rumors that Apple might come up with bilateral charging. Similarly, the iPhones will also have more battery capacity than previous models. Recently, Apple eradicated its wireless charging options. As a result, users had to charge it with third-party assistance. So, the next-gen iPhones would come up with larger batteries with enhanced battery life.

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Rumor 5: Apple might drop the feature of 3D Touch finally

The recent reports claim that Apple might bid adieu to its functionality, 3D touch, finally this year. So, all the phones in this year will not house this feature. Nevertheless, the brand will not wholly ditch the interface.

Interestingly, the brand has come with a new technology going by the name Haptic Engine having a code name of “leap haptics.” With this technology, Apple will continue its evolution of Haptic Touch Technology that the company piloted last year.

  • Rumor 6: A13 processor for iPhone 11

Unlike the iPhones with A12 processor that the brand launched in 2018, this year the brand will introduce the A13 processor. Although the previous was also incredibly powerful, it will even better than the previous one. Analysts say that the processor is much more advanced than it might give fierce competitions to the top Android phones in the upcoming two years.

  • Rumor 7: Apple can introduce an LCD iPhone

This rumor is also one of the most widespread Apple iPhone 11 rumors in 2019. Last year, Apple released two iPhones with LCD. And, both had OLED panels of high-resolution which could produce a multitude of images and colors.

Furthermore, in the year 2020, Apple might also introduce OLED panels, which will be more expensive.

  • Rumor 8: iPhone will remain expensive as always

Similar to its previous phones, Apple will continue to be costly. It might be due to the ongoing US-Chiba trade war and new tariff implications. Previously, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS started at 1,099 and 999 dollars respectively.

iphone 2019 rumorss

  • Rumor 9: No 5G for iPhones in 2019

As per matter of fact, Apple uses the modems that Intel makes. Previously they had planned for a 5G modem in commercial devices in 2019. But, due to some issues with 5G chip which is anticipated to build for iPhone, the program canceled.

Moreover, the issues very grave, which led Apple to launch its next phones with no 5G support. However, the fixing of the problem, Apple might introduce its phones with 5G support in the year 2020.

Other Apple iPhone 11 rumors

Many think that Apple might sell a cheaper iPhone for China and even in India. Furthermore, it will also substitute scanners for fingerprint and Face ID. Among other Apple iPhone 11 rumors, some think that there would be a mute button. It will be a small circular button to replace a pill-shaped button which you can find in current models. Also, there are rumors about Apple utilizing pencil support and USB-C on its iPhones.

So, these were some ongoing Apple iPhones rumors that you might also have heard. So, what precisely the real iPhone 11 will be like, is yet to figure out. Till then, you must read and get ready to take the glimpse of the brand new upcoming iPhone 11.






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