The new mantra- Digital Hearing aids

Atharva speech and hearing care centre was established in the year 1995, we have been a trusted name for speech and hearing care ever since then; we are located in Mumbai and Goa, in Mumbai we have branches in Borivali, Kandivali, Malad, Sion,Thane and Khar. Today, our company is a big name in the category of speech and hearing services in Mumbai and is reviewed to be the best by our customers as customer satisfaction is our main motto!

Hearing automatically affects your speech hence a good hearing device is very crucial for individuals with any type of hearing issues!

We provide multiple services and one such service is providing the best digital hearing aids for our clients, when we see the evolution of hearing aids from the older ones which were big and bulky to the modern digital hearing aids that are small, light and comfortable it has proven to be a boon for people with hearing issues.

All hearing aids have 4 components in common; a microphone; an amplifier, a receiver, and a battery but when the word digital comes with hearing aids we basically are giving emphasis to its amplifier. It is the amplifier that makes the sound louder, in reality, digital hearing aids not only make the sound loud enough but also have many other features that come in a very tiny device hence we can say it is a go-to modern hearing solution as it is much more manageable with better sound quality

We at Atharva Speech and Hearing care center find it mandatory to provide our clients with the best hearing ads so that they have a stronger connection with the world around them. Digital hearing aids are the new generation devices which Are why the old analog ones which just amplified the sound no matter what kind of sound it is it just made the sound louder, even the noise turned out to be loud however when we talk about the digital hearing aids, they control the sound frequency so that your hearing experience is of superior quality. We are an authorized retailer for digital hearing aids so whatever your necessities are, you’ll be provided with the same. 

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