What to Do If Scared to Go on A Trip. How to Overcome Fear

What to Do If Scared to Go on A Trip. How to Overcome Fear

Hodophobia is the fear of traveling. While you may not consider yourself afraid of traveling itself, hodophobia might still be present in your life.

Perhaps you’ve seen an amazing destination on TV and you’ve told yourself you want to visit that destination. You set about making plans and arrangements, finding out prices and looking into activities.

For the first few weeks, everything looks promising, and then suddenly, you run into problems that you create for yourself. You’re worried about having enough money or finding the right pet sitter and it halts your plans.

Here are some ways to overcome your fear of traveling and set out on the ultimate budget travel 2020:

Plan your trip

Planning your trip properly is the first step to overcoming travel fears. Some of the issues that arise from poorly planned travel include increased stress, running out of money, getting stranded in a foreign country, or not having the appropriate visas or travel documents.

While you might worry about losing your enthusiasm, planning a long-distance and long-term trip over one or two years will ensure a great experience. Proper planning will give you opportunities to research about all the necessary travel documents. 

Find the right places to stay and find great activities for you and your travel companions to participate in. Proper planning can be the difference between relaxation and stress while away on your trip.

Do your research

It is commonly known that propaganda causes problems. Almost every country, city or town will self-promote. Self-promotion shows you only the best aspects of that place without revealing any negative aspects of life in that place. Similarly, rival cities or countries might only highlight all the negative aspects of that place.

To make an informed decision about a destination you may be interested in, it may be necessary to research unconventional ways. While an internet search may give you some results, you need to remember that every source has its biases. 

Rather, take to online forums and ask people who have been to that place for their perspectives, ideas, and recommendations regarding your intended destination. You are more likely to get a balanced view by employing this method.

Avoid drugs and alcohol

Enjoying a cocktail at sundown or a beer with your new friends isn’t a problem, but going overboard in a foreign country might raise some problems. 

If you become too intoxicated and people realize you are not familiar with the country, they could take advantage of you. From robbery to kidnapping, there are several unfortunate things that could happen if you don’t take care of it.

Furthermore, if you are not familiar with the laws of the location, you could find yourself in trouble. Often, authorities don’t take lightly to foreigners breaking their laws and may pass harsher sentences for these foreigners. Taking care of yourself and your belongings require a sober mind, though you don’t have to completely forgo joy and pleasure.

Have a bucket list

A bucket list can help you focus on your travel goals. Whether you make a mental note or write it down, always be sure of the experiences you plan to enjoy in life. Perhaps you want to go on safari in an African jungle, or skydiving over a volcano. No matter what you want to do, always make sure you have a note of it somewhere.

Bucket lists increase people’s sense of adventure and can assist in making travel experiences that much more spectacular. 

Often, bucket list items also require you to face fears and overcome insecurities. While you work on creating your bucket list, why not consider adding some of these incredible places in India to your list to ensure you get the most out of life?

Travel with friends

Traveling alone can be terrifying. To overcome these fears, traveling with friends could be the necessary solution. In addition, having some friendly and familiar faces can also make you feel more confident and comfortable in an unfamiliar environment. Having your friends travel with you might result in more fun or more adventurous events.

If your friends can’t afford to travel with you, or if you don’t have any friends, consider making friends throughout your journey. Often people travel to a location in the hopes of participating in the same activities you have planned. 

Making friends with the people staying at your hotel or hostel might mean you have people to do these activities with, and socialize with at the end of the day.

Budget well

Budgeting well can help you find the peace and relaxation you need. Removing that fear of not knowing if you have enough money is as simple as planning your expenses. Research costs of activities and travel and make sure you have that money set aside, plus a bit extra for unforeseen expenses, souvenirs, and food.

Ensuring you are well-budgeted means you will be able to relax throughout your trip in the knowledge that you can afford anything, including a trip home if you feel homesick. It also means that injuries and other accidents aren’t going to send you into a panic since you have that little extra set aside just in case.


Planning to travel might highlight many relevant fears. However, most of these fears are unnecessary and irrational. To overcome your fears and finally set out on that trip, there are many things you could do. 

From proper planning and budgeting to inviting your friends or practicing basic safety, you can ensure your trip is a success and that you overcome your fears. Travel should be a positive experience, and you should ensure you have all the necessary steps in place to make it pleasant.

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