Say “NO” to COVID-19: 6 Germy Home Items and Areas You Should Clean and Disinfect Often

say no to covid 19

How often do you give your home a deep-clean service? How often do you disinfect the frequently-touched home items and surfaces? How often do you change your sheets, curtains, seat, and cushion covers? 

Taking all these into great consideration is paramount since catching colds, flu, and other diseases, which may be caused by germs and other viruses is very alarming now that there’s an ongoing global outbreak. 

With that, in this dark and uncertain period of the COVID-19 pandemic, you’re not only advised to practice proper hygiene but also encouraged to keep your home and surroundings clean and disinfected often. It’s because disinfecting, sanitizing, sterilizing, and other means of deep-cleaning are some of the best ways to eliminate the deep-seated germs, bacteria, and viruses in your place. 

So, here’s the list of the germy home items and areas in your place you should clean, sanitize, and disinfect as much as possible. Read and find out below. 

1. Mobile phones and other personal gadgets

Mobile phones and other personal gadgets

You carry your mobile phone around with you wherever you go. Admit it. Either you’re out for a grocery run, morning walk with your dog, online shopping for essentials, and even when going to the bathroom, right?  

Not just that, you also have the hobby of putting it on any surfaces such as the dirty kitchen counter, dusty console tables, messy coffee tables, and so on. That shows how germy your mobile phone could be. 

So, make sure to have it cleaned and disinfected before you touch it in the morning, after going out for grocery errands, and before going to bed. 

2. Computer and laptop keyboards

Computer and laptop keyboards

Make working from home a lot safer by having your computer and laptop keyboards disinfected before getting work-related things done. You might not know it, but your computer and laptop are a serious collector of germs, bacteria, and viruses. 

This will only take you a few minutes and a little amount of energy, so, make sure to get rid of the sources of cold and flu by having your keyboards cleaned and disinfected beforehand. 

3. Fitness equipment

Fitness equipment

Another home item you shouldn’t forget to clean and disinfect are your pieces of fitness equipment you use to get fit and healthy while on home quarantine. Your home fitness equipment might have an alarming collection of bacteria and viruses more than you could ever think. 

That’s why to protect yourself and your whole family from the risks of catching flu or colds brought by stubborn bacteria, germs, and viruses, don’t disregard the idea of disinfecting your workout essentials. 

This won’t only help you get rid of the deep-seated dirt and bacteria that might be hiding in your expensive fitness equipment for ages, but will also enhance and prolong their durability.

4. Doorknobs


Next frequently-touched home item is the doorknob. From your main door, bedroom doors, bathrooms doors, to your back doors, the doorknobs might also have a disturbing build-up of bacteria, germs, and viruses.  

If you disregard disinfecting your doorknobs, you can get yourself or any of your loved ones caught with unwanted diseases. Thus, see to it that you include your doorknobs in the deep-cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting process of your place. 

5. Light switch plates

Light switch plates

Aside from your doorknobs, your light switch plates also deserve serious attention and time for cleansing and disinfecting. It’s because just like how often you touch the doorknobs, your mobile phones, and other home items, you also have frequent access to the light switch plates. 

When cleaning your light switch plates, make sure to avoid getting the liquid to reach the outlet.  

6. Bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area

Bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area

Although you must clean, sanitize, and disinfect your home in general, especially in this dire global crisis, you shouldn’t forget to pay full attention to areas such as your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen area. 

These are the areas that most likely store the most number of germs, bacteria, and viruses in your home. So, protect yourself, and your whole family by providing the said areas with proper deep-cleaning, sanitizing, decluttering, and disinfecting service as often as possible. 

Conclusive thoughts: 

This isn’t the time to lounge on your couch or sleep in your bed and get lazy throughout the day. With the fact that the coronavirus is still spreading and taking lives across the globe, you shouldn’t take the privilege of staying home for granted. 

By simply cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing your place and the items or objects you often have access to will be a great help to contain the spread of the virus. 


Kath Ramirez is a graduate of AB Journalism and a current writer to Australian, and United Kingdom-based companies. Aside from writing, Kath also keeps herself busy spending time with her family, cherishing the role of a dog mum, reading random books, and diving into the world of photography. She’s not even a pro at whatever she’s engaged in right now, but one thing she knows, she’s happy and that’s more than enough.

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