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Top Four Ways to Ask for Help at University

When you go to university, you are learning all kinds of new things. You are out on your own, often for the first time, and you have a lot to manage. Between classes, homework, a job, and friends,…

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How can education help in empowering women throughout the world?


Be it a developed country or a developing country, women are mostly taken lightly and considered incapable of doing specific tasks. However, suppose you see the interviews of top female businesspersons or hear the life journeys of females…

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How to write a resignation letter – A Complete Guide

How to write a resignation letter

Many people are apprehensive when it comes to writing a resignation letter. There are countless possible reasons for having your doubts about writing a resignation letter. For example, you may have landed up with a new job and…

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COVID-19: Impact on Medical Education in the USA and The Way Forward

Covid 19 impact on education

There has been an unprecedented effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the healthcare systems across the globe. The effects of the pandemic have been widely felt by the medical schools in the USA. With doctors, nurses and other…

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Ways to Be More Organized in College – 20 Organizational Aspects

20 Organizational Aspects

Everyone wants to be organized. We’re sure you want it too. Often, if not every day, you evaluate your life, the chaos that reigns in it, and say to yourself: “You definitely need to do something about this!”…

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Best tips on how to excel in statistics

how to excel

Most college students complain that statistics is a challenging course, especially when they are not math majors. You need to know that it is like any other subject even though you have challenges. Do not be discouraged when…

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SSC CHSL: Everything you Need to Know


Whenever you might be faced with a dilemma in choosing the right path towards a respected and secure job in Various ministries in India, Staff Selection Commission (SSC) pops out as one of the most desirable alternatives. It…

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How to Write a Dissertation, Step By Step Guide for Beginners

How to Write a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation is one of the important tasks that every research scholar or collegiate would come across. Considering the busy schedules, dissertation help based services are a blessing for scholars and students who are beginners and those…

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Difference Between the Raman Effect and the Compton Effect

Raman Effect and the Compton Effect

In this article, we will familiarize ourselves with the Raman effect and the Compton effect, how they are useful to us, and we will also discuss how they differ from each other.  What is the Raman Effect? While…

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